New Balance

Since its inception in 1906 as a supplier of arch supports to Boston’s police officers, New Balance has been concerned with the needs of the ‘everyday’ athlete. That means the person who runs to work, or walks at work, the fun-runner or the marathoner. New Balance knows shoes can be the difference between exercise being a pleasure or a pain, so offering multiple widths is a priority. It’s something lesser manufacturers see as expensive and unnecessary, but to many runners, it’s a deal-breaker. The New Balance approach aligns perfectly with ours at The Athlete’s Foot - they know that great performance is impossible without perfect fit. It’s worth going a bit further to get it right. In New Zealand, New Balance offers four widths in men’s (D, 2E, 4E & 6E) and three widths in women’s (B, D & 2E). New Balance’s philosophy is designing products to fit, not to fit an image.


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